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Some may ask, why not do it from home? Well, you can do it from home, although at home there are many challenges, for once it is “home” and not a place of work.


At the El Zoom Room, we will provide you with lots of clean, clear space, no couches, beds, tables and other items that you need to move and alter every time you need to teach a class. The cat won’t jump and walk on your keyboard, yes it is cute the first few times but after that  it becomes a distraction, this goes for the dog as well as your toddler, not to mention your life partner who is anxiously waiting to get back to their favorite Netflix show.


At the El Zoom Room, you will have professional equipment and setting, so you are still presenting yourself to your students/ clients with the professionalism and the authority you deserve and worked so hard to attain.


To have good lighting and good sound can cost you thousands of dollars, the set up is a huge undertaken, if you do it right that is. There are good reasons why there are lighting and sound professionals. Let’s say you are a dance teacher or a trainer, you need to focus on your skills not becoming a technical engineer.


At El Zoom Room, we will make your experience enjoyable and most importantly you will have the support you need to make sure all will go smoothly, there is nothing worse than getting ready to broadcast and something is not working and you don’t know how to fix it.

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