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Welcome to El Zoom Room for your online classes/ meetings  

We have created the perfect space away from home to serve all your needs so you can connect with your students, employees or clients online,  Use El Zoom Room to host your Appointments, Class or Courses. Online sessions are ideal for dance, coaching, tutoring, language classes, fitness sessions, and much more.


Our space is fitted with state of the art equipment, all already connected together, all you need to do is plug in your computer and sign in to your Zoom account, and if you need any assistance we will make sure to be there for you. No more guessing what works and what doesn't, we did all that for you! At El Zoom Room we value our clients and we provide you with the support you need to make your experience enjoyable and successful. 

Feel free to call or email us to book your time.

To download zoom click here 


about us

Dear clients, ​

BDA Studios have been serving our community for over 10 years, we value your patronage and we look to continue serving you. 

We are the only studio in NYC that is open 24 hrs/Day 7 days a week.
 We have fitted BDA Studios with "all you need" professional equipment to provide you with the ZOOM experience so you can connect with your students and colleagues with a professional setting. 


We provide you with:


  • Professional Webcam

  • 65” screen monitor

  • Professional Sound system

  • Professional Video Lighting/ white and colors

  • Professional Sound headset and connection

  • High-speed commercial internet connection

  • 30 feet of Mirrors (we can also cover them)

  • Private bathroom

  •  Sanitizing thoroughly before and after each client

  • Online or Phone booking

  • 24/7 Availability   

  • 30 feet of mirrors 

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